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More ways to diet without exercise

more ways to diet without exercise

Different people follow different diet methods. Recently, a dietary system called intermittent fasting or intermittent fasting is heard. Intermittent diet is just drinking water and fruit juice once a day, twice a day or sometimes for a certain period. For example, drinking water or Sugarless fruit juice one day a week and eating a normal diet for six days. Recently this diet system is becoming quite popular. There are more ways to diet without exercise,

Here are a few examples:

16-8 hours procedure:

This method involves fasting for 16 hours within 24 hours and feeding for the remaining 8 hours. For example, you eat from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, the rest of the time, that is, from four o’clock until the next morning until eight will not eat. In that case, calories must be calculated.more-ways-to-diet-without-exercise

24 hours procedure:

In this way, one or two days a week can fast. One day after dinner, the next day will have to eat dinner at the same time. Drink only water and fruit juice for 24 hours in the middle, so that blood sugar is normal and no dehydration is done.

5: 2 procedure:

In this method, you should eat 500 to 600 calories two days a week. The rest of the five days will eat normal food.

Benefits :

Research says intermittent fasting helps reduce weight, regulates blood sugar levels and helps metabolism, helps normalize high cholesterol, lowers free radicals, helps with anti-aging.

Not for those :more-ways-to-diet-without-exercise

Pregnant, lactating mothers who want to have children, who have a lot of gastric problems, who are less than normal weight, who are below 18 years of age, do not do such a diet. In addition, if you have uncontrolled diabetes, insulin users, kidney, liver or heart disease, you must consult a doctor.
At mealtime of intermittent fasting, you have to eat protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, fat less chicken, plenty of water. Because one metabolism is different, this method may not work the same for everyone. During intermittent fasting, you can eat tea, coffee, water, saline, medicines. Remember, to do any type of intermittent diet, you must consult a specialist nutritionist.



You must consult with a nutritionist expert to do any type of intermittent diet



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