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Drink Green Tea Every day, But !!!


If you drink green Tea Every day, then it will help you to lose weight and also keep you fit. Also, the weight can be tied to a certain table. So in your diet chart keep the green tea. If you drink green tea every day, you will get relief from physical problems.

Most people complain that they become fatty without any reason. That time delicious food look like our enemy. However, how long conflict can be with the favorite food. So if you make a small diet chart and follow it regularly then you will get rid of extra weight. If you drink regular green tea with a balanced diet, you can give up the problem of fatty.Green Tea Every day


On the other hand, there is no reason to think that only drink green tea can help to weigh less. Because besides, this you need to create a good diet chart and maintain it regularly. Doctors say, the green tea is one of the elements, which helps to lose weight. But the only green tea cannot help loses weight. That’s means, besides a Balanced diet you need to drink green tea regularly. Green tea plays a very effective role in accelerating the metabolism process. Weight gain does not increase if the Metabolism process better. But if you do not follow any good diet chart then drink green tea will not help you to lose weight.


Many people believe that if they drink green tea in the morning and afternoon, then the problem of fatty will be solved and the skin will be good. Green tea mainly contains Vitamin ‘E’ and antioxidants. So if you drinking green tea with half boiling water then it will keep your hair, skin, etc good. So I think now you have a question, “When should green tea be drink?”.Green Tea Every day
To answer that question, Doctor says, Drink green tea after 1 hour of breakfast is more batter then drink green tea without taking any foods in the morning. At night you need to follow the same as the morning. If you have the habit of drinking green tea in the morning with fasting, then it will be more batter, if you mix some honey with your green tea. The doctor also says, Drinking more then 2-3 cup of green tea is not good for health. At the workplace, many people drink tea after a while, in this situation they think there is no problem drinking green tea. But those people should remember that drinking more than 2-3 cup of green tea is not good for health.