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3 Easy Ways to Get A Toned Body in One Month

3 Easy Ways to Get Toned Body in One Month

Everyone wants a toned body. But for this toned body, everyone should follow some instructions. Experts say, regular morning walks, simple exercises daily and drinking lemon water keep a person’s body fit. There are many ways to get the toned body but following 3 easy ways, you can get a toned body in one month. And it is possible to just follow 3 easy ways to get a toned body in one month.

Everyone knows walking is the best exercise for health. Walk in the morning only 30 minutes, can change your life. A morning walk improves your body joints, muscles, and heart. Also, morning fresh air can help calm your nerves, mood and keep you positive and energetic for the rest of the day.

If you are worried about your weight or if you want to lose weight, then walking is the best exercise for you. When you start walking, that time you lose your calories and your body fat start to melts and you lose your weight.

Walking is the best medicine for diabetic patients. If a diabetic patient walks 30 min regularly then his/her diabetic will be under control. When you walk you lose your calorie and sweat, so you need to drink a huge amount of water which can keep you hydrated. But only water is not enough, if you drink lemon water, it can keep your body fit and help to lose weight because the juice of the lemon contains 5% to 6% citric acid. There are many types of benefits drinking lemon water.

Here are 7 benefits of drinking lemon water –

1. promotes hydration7 benefits of drinking lemon water

2. help to weight loss

3. a good source of vitamin C

4. freshens breath

5. aids digestion

6. prevent kidney stones

7. improves skin quality


Now the final and most important part to get a toned body is exercise. There is no alternative way to get a toned body without exercise. Most people think exercise means to go to the gym and doing some hard types of exercise. But without going to the gym you can do exercise at home and able to get a toned and fit body. In this modern time, you will find different types of simple exercise tips on the internet.

Here 5 simple home exercises without equipment for the toned body–

1. Bodyweight SquatCauses of Knee Pain

2. Incline Push-up

3. Hip Raise

4. Side Plank

5. Floor Y-T-I Raises


So, finally, make a daily routine and follow it properly to get a toned body. And in this routine include a regular 30 min walk in the morning, drinking some lemon water after waking, and after return home or in the evening do some simple exercise at home. If you follow in this way you will get a toned body.