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How to Stop Snoring

How to stop snoring

Are you tense about snoring? Is your partner upset about calling your nose? Does your nose bother their night’s sleep? So now is the time to fix this snoring problem. Nowadays there are many sprays or drugs for this problem, but many people don’t know how to stop snoring a natural way. Here are some tips, which can stop snoring problems beside sprays or drugs.


Age is one of the common factors for snoring. You can not stop age. As you become older, your throat becomes narrower and your tone muscle becomes decreases. So you can not stop growing older but you can change your lifestyle, bedtime routines, which can help to remove your snoring problem.

Change your sleeping positions:

Lie down flat on your back is one of the reasons for the snoring problem. In this situation, our respiratory system goes into such a state that the vibration of the breath creates the sound of the nose. So try to lying on one side, which may help you to control snoring.

Alcohol and smoking:

Smoking or drinking alcohol can increase muscle relaxation leading to more snoring. So try to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. If you want to know how to quit smoking then read this article.

Control Weight & Stop Snoring:

Many times obesity can cause snoring. With regular exercise, it is possible to reduce the fat in the neck and bring it under control.

Throat and tongue exercises:

Men’s throttle is generally narrower than women, Which increases snoring tendency. But don’t lose hope. Regular movements of the throat and tongue can reduce this problem. Open and extend your jaws and close them again. Repeat this exercise but do not open jaws too much.

Keep nasal passages open:

If the nose is closed, then snoring can happen. So before going to bed make sure the nasal passages are open. If the nose is closed, then use a nasal drop or menthol. If possible, take a bath with warm water before going to bed. It helps open the Inhale.

After following all this method, if the snoring problem can not solve then get a doctor’s appointment or talk to a doctor.

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