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What is Coronavirus? It’s Symptoms & Cure

What is Coronavirus It's Symptoms & Cure

What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a whole family of viruses. For the most part, they don’t cause any real clinical illness except the occasional cold. But you know from time to time there’s a rogue coronavirus that develops. we remember SARS 2002 2003. and then there was another the MERS virus. the Middle East respiratory syndrome virus. this new virus-like those other rogue viruses probably was first transmitted to humans from animals.

What are the Symptoms?What is Coronavirus It's Symptoms & Cure

So the symptoms resemble influenza. it’s a respiratory virus initially. and so you have fever not feeling we’re very well coughed and just feeling poorly.

Is there A cure?

We don’t have a direct anti coronavirus treatment. we can manage the patient’s through symptomatic care and supportive care of course. and many patients already the Chinese have said have survived this infection. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have this top of the mind. they have deployed over a hundred people to New York to San Francisco and Los Angeles. they will be screening people who are arriving from particularly Wuhan China to see whether they are sick. so there are laboratories around the world including our own National Institutes of Health that are now already working on developing a rapid diagnostic test and the other thing they’re doing is starting to work on a vaccine. the global community is really watching this with great care. and we in the United States definitely are on the alert and ready to respond.


Dr. Bill Schaffner

Infectious disease specialist and public health person.


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