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How to safe children from diabetes

How to safe children from diabetes

Diabetes is seen to be adults. But children are not free from this disease. To safe children from diabetes 1st, you need to know the type of children diabetes. Children are different types of diabetes, it says type-1 diabetes.
Diabetes in children is due to a lack of insulin hormones. Insulin provides energy by using blood glucose and keeps glucose under control. If there is an insufficiency of insulin then blood glucose is increased. That time the body was forced to store the necessary energy from the protein and fat in an alternative way.

This causes unusual poisonous substances in the blood. For this reason, the number of pee increases. The affected child’s throat and chest going to dry up and the baby repeatedly drinks water. The child’s weight goes down, When an excessive amount of poisonous “Keaton Badis” in the blood, the baby becomes suddenly unconscious. The child may die if the child does not get treatment with insulin. The blood glucose test is not usually done in children, that’s why diabetes is not detected in time.

The symptoms of diabetes are among children :boy drinking water

1. Slowly drying.
2. Pee more.
3. Drinking more water.
4. get tired quickly.


What to do if diabetes happens:

1. According to the doctor’s advice take regular insulin children from diabetes
2. Exclude dessert foods from your baby’s daily diet and eat other meals regularly.
3. Bring lifestyle in a discipline.
4. Take extra caution in movement, So that the child does not get any injuries.
5. Check the health of the eyes and kidneys at regular intervals.
6. If there is any type of infection or fever in the body, get the doctor’s advice without delay.