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7 Tips That Will Help You To Quit Smoking

7 Tips That Will Help You to Quit Smoking

Quit smoking is really difficult, for those who have been smoking for a long time. But it is not impossible. There are 7 tips to quit smoking. Let’s see how you can get rid of this addiction. One research reviewed that, exercise helps people who want to quit smoking, or have recently stopped smoking, to stop smoking for at least six months. Taking regular exercise may help people give up smoking by helping with cigarette withdrawal and cravings, and by helping them to manage weight gain, which can be a concern among people trying to quit. (Source)

Tips Number 1:

First, think about why you want to quit smoking. Every person is different, so choose the most important reason why you quit smoking. Take decision

by keeping that in mind, it can harm children and families, the economic loss or the physical consequences of smoking. A clear goal is the most

important way to quit smoking.

Tips Number 2:

Set a smoking cessation date. However, it does not take more than a week. Reduce the amount of smoking gradually over these seven days. If you

smoke too much these days thinking that I will never do it again, Then the mind will sit to the opposite.

Tips Number 3:

On the day you quit smoking, change your routine. It will be a new day that will teach you to be healthier. If the routine is such that you go out for a

walk, and have a cigarette before breakfast, then change this routine. Your routine should be, go out for walking and take a bath after back home, then

having a cup of Green tea or Rad tea

Tips Number 4:

Write down exactly what happens and when you smoke. After eating or during work breaks. Before that time comes, encourage your mind to do

something else.

Tips Number 5:

Tell everyone that you quit smoking. Informing family and friends will increase accountability. Don’t want anyone to smoke in front of you. Encourage

a friend to quit smoking with you. Supporting everyone helps a lot in quitting smoking.

Tips Number 6:

Do something new, keep yourself busy. Something that physically stops you from smoking. Such as swimming, physical exercise yoga or gardening

Tips Number 7:

Reward yourself daily for not smoking. Everyday deposit some money in a jar or soil bank, which you spend every day on smoking. After a while, you

will see that there is so much money that you can buy sports or exercise or give gifts to your family. This will encourage you.

Tobacco contains about 7000 toxins, including 70 cancer-causing substances. Tobacco and smoking are not just for lung or mouth cancer; It is also

responsible for cancer of the breast, uterus, stomach, kidney or pancreas. It is directly responsible for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease,

stroke, osteoporosis. Long term tobacco use causes signs of aging on the skin and teeth, cataracts in the eyes. Breathing problems. Abortion or

pregnancy problems arise. The life expectancy of a smoker is generally reduced to 15 years compared to that of a non-smoker. Direct or indirect

smoking also affects the body. So follow these 7 tips that will help you to quit smoking within a month.