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How to retain proper weight and good health all time

Fruit retain your good health and proper weight

Retain proper weight and good health all the time is a really big challenge. Most people think that low carbohydrates, low calorie, and low fat mean that it is a healthy diet, but after main this nutation, most people are unable to reduce weight. In that case, there are some rules that must be followed-
After getup in the morning take some fruit, but before that, you need to realize that’s how hungry you are. In the morning take some fresh fruit, egg, some bread and a cup of red tea. But remember that do not take Sugar-rich foods. If you do not eat for a long time, then less insulin is produced and you lose weight. You can follow this at your sleeping time.

In the evening from 7 to 8 PM do not eat heavy food. Go to sleep early and Wake up early morning. Drink cold water each time after eating. You can use lemon slice, groceries or orange slices in the water to bring flavors. We all know, if the food list contains the necessary amount of fruits, then the weight decreases. The result is a super-food, which contains a low amount of calories and fat.Fruits also contain natural sugar and fiber which help prevent hunger. It is safe to eat 400 grams of fruit every day. But you need to know which fruits help to reduce weight and retain proper weight and good health all the time.



watermelon contains 90 percent of water. 100 grams of watermelon contains only 30 calories. This is a good source of Arginine amino acids, which helps to burn fat. It keeps the body hydrated and reduced hunger for a long time.



At the same time, apple reduces cancer risk, keeps the heart healthy, keeps teeth shiny, strengthens the immune system, If you maintain a weight loss diet, then you should keep an apple in your fruit list. A medium-sized apple contains 50 calories. Apple is absolutely free from fat and sodium. One research showed, which women eat apples before meals they can reduce weight by 33 percent faster than others.



Guava contains Hi-Fiber and low GI (Glycaemic Index), which is the ideal diet for diabetic patients. To get effective results of weight loss you must eat guava.



Banana is a perfect example of an energy-efficient diet. A medium-sized banana contains 150 calories. It relaxes the muscles along with weight loss, keeps blood pressure right, removes the acid.




Orange is one of the yummy fruits. 100 grams of banana contains 47 calories. Those who follow a solid diet, they can keep this fruit as a snack.


Pears –

Pears can fulfill one-fourth of your daily fiber. It also plays an important role in the process of digestion, reduce cholesterol, Coronary Heart Disease and Prevent Type-2 Diabetes.


Tomatoes –Tomatoes

Tomatoes are both fruits and vegetables. It is a successful element in the weight loss battle.
Tomato filled with antioxidants eliminates water shortage. However, Tomato ketchup cannot be eaten as a tomato replacement, because it contains lots of sugar and synthetic materials.