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How much time do you need to exercise in a day


Exercise is a good habit to control weight, reduce extra fat or keep the body fit for all time. Most people think exercise is only for those who want to make six-pack or patient. But this is totally wrong. Every person ( both fit or unfit ) needs to do some exercise every day ( at home or gym ). This exercise Keeps a fit person more fit and keeps an unfit person fit.
Nowadays most people like taking alcohol and junk foods. This is really bad. You need to prohibit this right now, if you want to keep your body fit and healthy please take some exercise every day.
Doing exercise is good but over-exercise is really bad for every person. If you doing exercise every day, it’s really good but you must remember that, do your exercise in a proper way and do not do over exercise in a day. Here I am showing some regular exercise with exercise time which will help you fit.
If you want you can follow the bellow exercise chart.

You will find various kinds of tutorials on YouTube, mobile app and various kinds of blogs.
But before that, I recommend you please talk with someone physical expert or exercise expert. if you follow this I hope you will able to get a fit and healthy body.


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