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Do you suffer from hepatitis? identify today


Many people suffer from hepatitis. There are various types of panic and confusion in people with hepatitis. Many people carry the disease in their blood without their knowledge. Many others may know about this after liver cirrhosis. There are five types of hepatitis viruses. Only hepatitis B and C viruses cause long-term infections and complications. About 90 percent of people with hepatitis B or C in the world do not know that they are carrying the virus. As A Result, they spread the virus without even knowing it.Symptoms-of-hepatitis


Symptoms of Hepatitis :

In most cases, no specific symptoms are apparent until the disease has spread. Symptoms of hepatitis are a weakness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, body yellow color, and yellow urine. However, the spread of the disease can lead to a watery stomach, blood clotting and vomiting. Even the patient may lose consciousness.



The way hepatitis spreads :

Hepatitis A and E virus spread through food and water. Hepatitis B and C viruses can lead to unsafe sexual intercourse, unsafe blood transfusions, ingestion of drug products, multiple blade-scissors uses by multiple individuals, unsafe dental treatment or various unsafe surgery, and transmission from infected mother to child during childbirth. The diagnosis can be made by examining different types of antigen and antibody as per the doctor’s suggestion.



Treatment of Hepatitis :

Most of the cases, hepatitis A and E virus get well normally. Many people think that there is no hope if the hepatitis B or C infection, the liver will be damaged. Hepatitis B & C virus can be eliminated by treatment. Currently, there are modern anti-viral therapies to cure these two viruses. Also, there are hepatitis A and B vaccines, which help to prevent the transmission of these viruses. If it is not prevented and treated at the right time, it can cause liver failure, liver cirrhosis or cancer. So do a blood test to find out if you have hepatitis.