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Food for healthy teeth

Food for healthy teeth

Food for healthy teeth

Healthy teeth are really important for everyone. Dental health is closely related to food chemistry. Some foods are good for teeth, and some of the food is bad. Fennel foods work like cleaning or detergent for teeth and gums. Wheat, maize, bean seeds – have fiber in the grains as well as magnesium, which protects enamel. Various types of fruits, such as orange, grapefruit, pineapple that contains vitamin C, D, and calcium, which are also beneficial for teeth.
Apple helps to remove dental stains. But after eating the fruit mixed with sour and acids, you should be gurgle well. Cheese, milk, curd, and dairy products are useful for dental bones. It contains phosphorus and calcium, which contains important minerals in the teeth. chew sugar-free chewing gum produce a huge amount of saliva, which helps in removing food stains and removing bacteria in the teeth.
The role of fluoride is undeniable for good teeth. To keep teeth healthy, drink plenty of water. This water keeps the gum moist, remove the strained food and prevents the Enamel erosion.



Which foods are harmful:

1. Glue and sugary sweets, candies, chocolate, pastries, cakes, bread, Spicy and fragile foods such as biscuits, chips, etc.


2. After eating dates, keyism if these foods stick with teeth then this may produce bacteria. So eating these types of food you should gurgle properly.Carbonated soft drink


3. The carbonated soft drink contains lots of sugar, phosphoric acid, and citric acid, which may erosion teeth enamel.


What to do :

Apple Carrot


1. Try to eat fresh fruits such as Apple, Carrot, Celery, Almonds.


2. Eat a sweet meal with other foods. Brush twice a day and use a string of dental floss.


3. Brush after taking sweet and glue food.Brush teeth


4. After drinking fruit juice or eating fruit, make a good gurgle.


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