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Causes of Knee Pain

Causes of Knee Pain and its Remedies

Causes of Knee Pain and its Remedies

Knee pain is really painful for every person. Knee pain can occur at any age. Before solving this you need to know the Causes of Knee Pain. Due to injury, arthritis or any other cause knee pain can happen. There are many causes of knee pain. After age 40 bone erosion starts. This problem is more common in women than in men. Those who suffer from such pain, they will get well if they get proper treatment and follow proper exercise.


What causes knee pain?

Causes of injuries – ligaments and meniscus, tendon injuries, and even fractures. Due to patella dislocation knee pain may happen. There are some

other reasons for knee pain –

• Osteoarthritis or arthritis.

• Osteoporosis or bone loss.

• Rheumatic arthritis.

• Joint Infection.

Sometimes there is a pain in the waist or under the ankle, but the pain can be felt in the knee.


Treatment of Knee pain

Treatment :

For knee pain treatment is determined according to the problem. If the knee is swollen, then reduce the swollen. If the knee temperature is high then use ice, if knee temperature normal then use hot bake.

Muscle Strength and Stretching Exercise – which increases Knee Strength and Range of Movement. The patient should be taken treatment from the doctor.

Throughout life, the patient has to follow some advice. For example, if you have diabetes then control it, lose body extra weight, use a high commode, do not sit on your knees, exercise regularly as per your doctor’s instructions.


Exercises :

There are some benefits to doing certain exercises for knee pain. These exercises should be done at least 2-5 times throughout the day and every 5-4

times. However, swimming is good exercise for knee pain. It lowers the pressure on the joints but tightens the muscles. Straighten the two knees and keep the legs in a tight tension around 10 seconds, then rest the legs. Do this exercise 3-5 times. You can do this exercise while lying down or sitting or working in the office. There are so many exercises for knee pain and you will find it on YouTube, Google, various blogs. But before following them please talk to your doctor.

Here are 8 exercises which will help you to remove Knee pain-

• Side Leg Raises.

• Straight Leg Raises.

• Calf Raises.Causes of Knee Pain

• Hamstring Curls.

• Prone Straight Leg Raises.

• Wall Squats.

• Leg Presses.

• Step-Ups.


Resistance :

• Walk regularly

• Keep body weight under control.

• Eat enough vitamins, minerals, and scale.

• Warm-up before starting the game.

So it is possible to cure knee pain with regular light exercise and proper treatment.