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What to do if you have a Corona patient at home

What to do if you have a Corona patient at home

Coronavirus infection is contagious. But if you do not come in close contact with the infected person, there is no risk of getting infected. So there is nothing to panic about if you have a corona infected patient in the house or flat next to you. Corona treatment is really easy. Five things must be confirmed if someone at home is diagnosed with corona infection or is suspected of being infected with corona. These include isolation, safety, and hygiene, medical care, connection to nature, and protection of family members. The following steps need to be taken to ensure these:

1. In the house, a room should be set aside for the patient. It is better to have an attached toilet.

2. Choose the room that has the most windows and ventilation.

3. Clean the room and remove excess furniture, carpets, etc. Keep the door closed unless absolutely necessary. It is better to create a ‘negative airflow’. In this case, the exhaust fan or stand fan works well.window in your own room

4. If you can’t arrange a separate room, make a separate temporary room for the patient with a curtain near the window in your own room.

5. There should be enough space around the patient’s bed. At least 3 feet is good.

6. Place a small table next to the bed to keep things, glasses, medicines. The patient will clean them himself with disinfectant liquid several times a day.

7. Remove unnecessary items from the patient’s bathroom. This bathroom should not be used by anyone else in the house. It is best if the patient washes his clothes and toilet.

8. Keep the waste container near the bed to remove the patient’s dirt or used garbage. The patient himself will throw his used garbage in a polythene bag. Every day someone else will take the dustbin out after wearing gloves. It is best to burn this dirt somewhere outside the house.

9. Both the sick person and the caretaker should be wear masks.clean Corona patient room

10. Keep the whole house garbage-free and clean.

11. Indicate the patient’s place of residence inside the house and separate it. No one will go inside the marked place except the caretaker.

12. Clean the patient’s room and walkway twice a day with water mixed with bleaching powder or antiseptic.

13.Set aside space for children in the home. Arrange for their play and creative work. Keep older and pregnant women away.

14. Think about the mental well-being of family members. Keep in touch with the patient through family or digital, try to keep him mentally strong.